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Shaken, Not Stirred.

Functional whole foods, 20g+ of protein, and premium flavors make Oats Overnight’s Spoon-Free Formula the perfect breakfast.

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You're Too Smart
To Be Spoon-Fed.

Introducing the Original Overnight Oats Shake™

Commute Friendly Commute
Cold Cooked Cold
Time Saver 20-minute
Step 1

Add milk or milk alternative and shake like you mean it.

Step 2

Toss them in–our oats love the cold.

Step 3

Grab-and-go.These oats will travel.

Eat easily from the shaker with our Spoon-Free Formula™

Comes With Exclusive Oats Overnight BlenderBottle® Enjoy with our free, exclusive

You Know Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight.

But with Oats Overnight, it starts there.

"It feels really good to know that breakfast has my back and I’m getting out of bed with one less thing to do and getting my day started."

Josh H. Verified Subscriber

"Complex carbs, full of protein, and low sugar. Where have you been all my life?"

Katherine L. Verified Subscriber

"Love all the options so I don't get bored."

Jayne S. Verified Subscriber

"Great if you work 10-12 hour shifts and have to eat on the go."

David H. Verified Subscriber

"As a newly diagnosed diabetic, I am struggling with finding foods that are delicious and still good for me. This is a winner!!!"

Monica S. Verified Subscriber

"I drink it in the morning and I'm full until lunch. Starts off my day in a healthy way which makes me want to eat better."

Laura J. Verified Subscriber

"Delicious. Nutritious. 10 out of 10."

Emily H. Verified Subscriber
12,700,000 Meals Enjoyed
500,000 Happy Customers
254,000,000 Morning minutes saved

Smile, Our Spoon-Free Formula Starts With Whole Grains...

Sustains energy Reduces inflammation Curbs appetite Low glycemic index Assists in digestive health Antioxidant rich Benifits of Oats It all started with Oats It all started with Oats
  • Sustains energy
  • Assists in digestive health
  • Curbs appetite
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Low glycemic index
  • Antioxidant rich

Complete Proteins…

Blends that support your lifestyle.

Whey Protein

Digests fast Boosts metabolism Grows muscle It all started with Oats It all started with Oats
  • Digests fast
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Grows muscle

Pea Protein

Muscle recovery Cholesterol free Lactose free It all started with Oats It all started with Oats
  • Muscle recovery
  • Cholesterol free
  • Lactose free

And Plant-Based Ingredients To Keep Your Morning Ritual Delicious.

Made in USA with domestic and global imports

Thoughtfully Crafted

With addictive recipes to keep you excited each day.

Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non GMO, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors, Flavors
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors

Your Satisfaction’s A
Key Ingredient

Of Our Recipe.

Try Oats Overnight risk-free and if you don't love it, we'll fix it.

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back

If it comes to this, we'll be sad to see you go. And lightning-fast with your refund.

Free BlenderBottle® First Order

Free BlenderBottle®
First Order

The yin to your Oats Overnight yang, and absolutely free.

Free, Fast Shipping in the USA

Free, Fast Shipping
in the USA

We've got all 50 states, US territories, and military addresses covered.

Quality Promise

Quality Promise

We control every step of the process and test to ensure a safe, clean product.

World Class Customer Service

World Class
Customer Service

They're real humans, they’re quick, and they actually like talking to you.

Love it OR Swap it Guarantee

Love it OR Swap it

If you’re not wild about a flavor, we’ll swap it with something you love at no additional cost.

Subscriber Exclusive Program

Your Input Helps Us Create The Next Addictive Flavor.

Subscriber Exclusive Program

Your Input Helps Us Create The Next Addictive Flavor.

When you subscribe, you become an official Oats Overnight team member. Each month you'll get a free flavor we're working on in the kitchen. Taste test it for us and let us know if we should release it, make tweaks to the recipe, or ditch it all together.

Most Recent Flavor


You Recognize Value When You See It.

Oats Overnight is twice the quality at half the price.

This is not

This isn't

  • Cheap Instant Oatmeal
  • Powder With Promises
  • Refined Grains & Sugar
  • Difficult to Prepare
Oats Overnight Green Apple Pouch

This is

This is
  • Premium Nourishing Meal
  • Flavor-Packed Functional Whole Foods
  • Complex Carbs & 20g+ Protein
  • Easy to Enjoy
FACT: We’ve made over
400 improvements (and counting)
to our
formulas based on feedback from customers like you.
Oats Overnight Guarantee
Our Products Are:
  • List Pointer Twice the protein of similarly-priced oats.
  • List Pointer The most flavorful oatmeal product on the market.
  • List Pointer Made from scratch with directly-sourced ingredients you can trust.

Still Think This Is Weird? You’re Not Alone.

3 out of 4 people who try Oats Overnight for the first time decide to order.

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*statistical data from September 2019

You’ll Forget It’s Better
For You.

It all started with Oats
It all started with Oats
It all started with Oats
It all started with Oats
*data adjusted for serving size. updated July, 2020.

You Don't Have To Settle For Stale Products.

When we launched, people couldn’t wrap their heads around our Spoon-Free Formula. 405,000 customers later, it’s clear - the new way to do breakfast is here to stay.

Ridiculous flavors, caffeine-infused creations, and we’re just getting started. Most food companies sacrifice quality for profit. We refuse to compromise.

"Fads drive the industry. Innovation drives us." -Brian Tate (Founder)

Food Brands Can Be Deceiving.


  • Third-Party
  • Mass Produced by
  • Finance-Focused
  • Bare Minimum
  • It all started with Oats Low Quality, Low Price

Oats Overnight

  • Employee Owned and
  • Handmade in Small
  • Customer-Focused
  • Oats Overnight Quality
  • It all started with Oats High Quality, Fair Price

If You Want Something Done Right…

Did you know that most food companies outsource… making the food? We keep manufacturing in-house by leveraging a direct relationship with farmers and suppliers. The result is a safe, quality product you and your family will love.

If You Want Something Done Right…

Oats Overnight Manufacturing Process

We Won’t Serve You The Status Quo.

You deserve premium food that ignites your morning ritual and fuels your daily goals. To bring it to you, we’ve taken a radical path of food production, one that values customer partnership and service above all else. We invite you to learn more about the brand behind the top-shelf nutrition, innovative formula, and premium flavors that’ll delight you every morning.

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You'll Fall In Love With Our Customer Support.

Industry-leading response times, multichannel support options,
and they're nice, too!

  • Fast
  • Friendly
  • Fun
Jessica Customer Service Manager
"Providing world-class customer service is our number one priority! We're more than customer-focused; we're customer-obsessed. That means we're happy to help our customers every step of the way!"
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