Behind The Scenes: A Peek Into Our Key Lime Pie Pack Design

Behind The Scenes: A Peek Into Our Key Lime Pie Pack Design
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At Oats Overnight we like to share all the people and processes that create your premium breakfast. In a recent Marketing Team sesh, we were reviewing the pack design for Key Lime Pie (the limited-time flavor we’re launching Tuesday, March 22nd) and we got to thinking that it’d be really fun to give a “behind the scenes” look at the design evolution. But first, we have to give you a brief history of our brand look.

A Quick Pack Design History

When we first launched in 2016, we settled on a clean, minimalist color block as our main design feature. You can see it on all our OG flavors. It’s simple and bright and the colors we use reinforce the flavors so it’s easy for you to pick what you’re craving. 

Lately, we’ve been cranking out a ton of super delicious limited-time flavors and we’ve had to get more creative because there are only so many colors in the rainbow and we didn’t want to create confusion between, say, Strawberries & Cream and Mixed Berries & Cream.

What Is Key Lime Pie, Really?

Our graphic designer first drafted the image on the top left hand corner to kick things off. Something didn’t feel quite right, but the question was what. We started to get philosophical about what was and wasn’t the essence of Key Lime Pie and then Paul Germain, our creative director, boiled it down to four critical elements: crust, pie, whip, and some lime slices and shavings. That said, we turned back to the draft image a bit.

All in all, it felt too detailed, plus the color block and pie combo just didn’t sit well with us. We talked about the crust–should it be there, and if so should it be wavy? What about whip cream? And the color of the pie? We all agreed that we had to avoid Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Green yet it couldn’t be too yellow otherwise it might look like banana cream pie or lemon cream pie or…

Back To Minimalism And Avoiding The Pizza Effect

Brian, our founder and CEO, pointed us back to the brand look. It should be minimalist, ideally just one color, “Almost as if you took the color from the color block and manipulated it into a different shape.” That led to the bottom three versions in the picture above, but then we had another problem: It looked like a pizza slice! So we worked in a smaller wedge of pie and added the ruffle of crust to signify that creamy-citrus creation you enjoy at your favorite bakery.

Overall, we’re pretty stoked with the final result. It feels like us and we’re excited to share it with you soon! In the meantime, check out our other mouthwatering flavors and the designs that adorn them.

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