Five Techniques To Help You Learn From Failure

Five Techniques To Help You Learn From Failure
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We become stronger in the wake of failure when we analyze and learn from the experience. Our reflections may cause us to revise our goals or take a different tack altogether.First, we must reach a place where we can comfortably observe the emotions that arise from failure. Then we can begin leaning into the learning. Here are a few techniques to help your learning process along so you can grow from failure and prevent it from happening again:

1. Put Your Ego to the Side

Even if our egos aren’t “inflated,” our sense of who we are can still inhibit us from reflecting objectively on certain aspects of our experience. So it stands to reason that we should at least entertain the possibility that our egos may be getting in the way of our success. To find out for sure, we must put some distance between ourselves and our egos. Meditation is one great way to do this. Journaling is another. Write a detailed recollection of your experience of failing, then return to the entry a few days or weeks later and see what comes to the surface.

2. Talk Through the Experience

Talk through your failure with someone in your support network--either a trusted loved one or a professional—and analyze what happened. A wise, objective third party may be able to spot things that you missed.

3. Search for Patterns

Reflect on past failures and search for patterns of behavior that appear to be repeating themselves. Simply becoming aware of when we’re engaging in these habits can help us stay off autopilot and proactively counter them in the moment.

4. Don’t Make Excuses

A habit of making excuses to explain setbacks, rather than accepting responsibility for what went wrong, can sabotage our goals and prevent us from learning. If you tend to do this, resolve to take ownership instead of deflecting it.

5. Analyze Distractions

If we ever want to achieve our goals, we have to remove distractions. It may be that they got the best of you this time around, but don’t worry - no distraction is insurmountable. Here are a few tools to help you overcome them:
  • Meditation - Half the battle of overcoming distractions is being aware that we’re distracted in the first place.
  • Journaling - Writing repeatedly about distractions can help your mind correct your course whenever your focus drifts.
  • Setting Up Barriers - Put distance between you and your distractions. If your phone is distracting you, for example, put it away or turn it off completely.
  • Removal - If the distraction repeatedly captures your attention and doesn’t add anything of value to your life, consider cutting it out completely.

Growing Stronger Every Day

At Oats Overnight, we believe that leaning into learning is the recipe for personal growth and success. Embracing setbacks and growing from our mistakes is how we got started as a company and how we continue to improve each day. We invite you to join us by pursuing your own goals as the strongest version of yourself, fueled by a premium breakfast and backed by a community whose members help one another overcome the challenges of daily life.
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