From Karla’s Kitchen: Finding the Perfect Holiday Flavor

From Karla’s Kitchen: Finding the Perfect Holiday Flavor

As the weather cools and the holidays draw near, we naturally look forward to the festive treats that keep us feeling warm and cozy despite the winter chill. 
This year, Karla was faced with the challenge of developing a seasonal Oats Overnight flavor that brings out those warm and fuzzy holiday feelings for our customers. The flavor that won out was inspired by one of her personal favorites - Peppermint Mocha.

It’s Hard to Get the Balance Just Right

To make this flavor a reality, Karla and the flavor development team had to find the perfect balance of peppermint, cocoa, and coffee notes, so they would all come through without one ingredient overpowering the others. 

This turned out to be a challenge. By adding too much peppermint, the recipe started to taste a little toothpaste-y. But if she didn’t add enough, the rich coffee and cocoa notes overpowered everything else.

It wasn’t until she got a tip from our director of operations, Paul Antosh, that she was able to find that just-right balance for Peppermint Mocha. Paul, who once ran an ice cream store, noted that they would add fresh peppermint powder to their ice cream to get the perfect peppermint flavor. 

After further testing, Karla and her team finally found the balance they were looking for. And we’re excited to share it with you this holiday season! 

If you’re a fan of this rich, minty holiday flavor and you want to try it for yourself, Peppermint Mocha launches this coming Monday, November 15th. Stay tuned so you can stuff your stockings while it lasts! 

If you need to restock your supply, check out some of our new flavors. 

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