From Karla’s Kitchen: Making Mixed Berries & Cream Perfection

From Karla’s Kitchen: Making Mixed Berries & Cream Perfection

Old-school food companies create their recipes in secret and keep them under lock and key. We think there’s a better way to do it, one that takes product development cues from the actual customers they’re made to please (I know–it’s a crazy idea, right?). 

So, every month our flavor development team sends subscribers a survey asking for honest feedback on each flavor we’re working on in the test kitchen. Mixed Berries & Cream was September’s flavor-in-development, and the input was quite promising:

“Mixed Berries & Cream is my favorite out of ALL the FIDs I’ve tried since becoming a subscriber. Seriously, DO NOT CHANGE A THING! As a blueberry lover, those were a pleasant surprise – plump, juicy, and just about as delicious as fresh berries! I would 100% add it to my monthly subscription!” - Peter L.R.

ian_prichard:Please make this flavor available STAT! It is straight 🔥🔥🔥! Planning on adding this to the regular rotation.”

“Probably my favorite of all the FIDs. And not just for me. I’ve been trying to get my college-aged son into Oats Overnight for about a year now. I let him have a taste. This evening he asked me, for the first time ever, if he could have ‘one of those berry oatmeals for breakfast tomorrow.’ So consider it two thumbs up from me, and you’ll have a new subscriber if you make it a permanent flavor. YUM!”  - Ashleigh R.

kaffee.cake.rn:This has to be my most favorite!!! Pls make this a permanent flavor.” 😍❤️❤️❤️”

Our head of product development, Karla, was pumped about all this positivity. But she also saw the chance to improve the balance between the berry flavors. She increased the amount of real strawberry pieces in each meal to heighten that juicy fruit mouthfeel. And she reduced the amount of raspberry pieces and swapped in raspberry powder to reduce the tartness that can accompany this fruit. She left the real sweet cream untouched since it was just right.

We’re pretty excited about the changes she made. The new and improved Mixed Berries & Cream is available on January 22nd for a limited time only. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out on this light and refreshing way to start your day. 

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