From Karla’s Kitchen: Perfecting Caramel Cold Brew

From Karla’s Kitchen: Perfecting Caramel Cold Brew
Each month, Oats Overnight’s subscribers get to try out a new flavor-in-development. After tasting it, they provide Karla, our head of product development, with feedback that allows her to: 
  1. Decide if it’s worthy of a public release.
  2. Determine if the recipe needs any adjustments to make it even better.
Caramel Cold Brew was May’s flavor-in-development, and subscriber feedback was so positive that she knew it merited a public launch —but not before a few finishing touches. Here are Karla’s adjustments, per subscriber input:
  • Swapped the Coffee: The coffee we were using was good, but we wanted a bolder flavor profile. So we searched far and wide for an even better option until we found the perfect Brazilian roast. The result is increased smoothness of texture and boldness of taste.
  • Upped the Caramel Factor. We increased the amount of real, rich caramel in the formula to sweeten the whole-food ingredients and make the coffee taste really pop.
  • Balanced the Caramel and Coffee. To complete Caramel Cold Brew, we adjusted and readjusted the strength of the coffee and caramel flavors until we achieved a flawless balance between silky-smooth sweetness and dark intensity.
Caramel Cold Brew’s delicious final form is available right now for a limited time only, so get your boost today. And make sure to subscribe if you’d like to be a part of our flavor-in-development “test kitchen”!
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