From Karla’s Kitchen: Putting the Final Touches On Dark Chocolate Cherry

From Karla’s Kitchen: Putting the Final Touches On Dark Chocolate Cherry

We love partnering with subscribers in our test kitchen. Our flavor development team waits eagerly for the feedback subscribers submit through our monthly in-development flavor survey. Questions like, Was it too sweet? Was the texture just right? Did it taste more artificial or natural? truly help us perfect each flavor before it’s full-scale release. 

When subscribers tried Dark Chocolate Cherry in August, we received some serious praise on our Facebook VIP page: 

“Dark Chocolate Cherry legit tastes just like candy but in oat form. Like spot on.” - Caitlin G.

“What is the quickest a flavor-in-development has made it to market? Figured if we start a chant now for Dark Chocolate Cherry we can beat that record…. Just sayin!” - Allison N.

“It was amazing!  I loved the taste, the chocolate bits!  I had it yesterday for breakfast and this would definitely be a flavor I would love to have for dessert or snack!” - Marlene K.

But there was a little work to do. Karla, our head of product development, took the survey feedback and added more cherry pieces to bring out the cherry note slightly more. With this change she had to make sure that the chocolate was not overshadowed but enhanced by the cherry undertones. It was both art and science!

We’re pretty excited about the changes she made. The new and improved Dark Chocolate Cherry is available on November 22nd for a limited time only. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out on this rich upgrade to the classic treat.

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