Get To Know Our New S.V.P. Of Marketing, Diana Takach

Get To Know Our New S.V.P. Of Marketing, Diana Takach
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It only took one day on the job to understand how lucky we were to have Diana Takach as our new senior V.P. of marketing. Her depth of knowledge, talent, and warmth has been on full display since her very first virtual meeting from her home in Boulder, Colorado. 

Her extensive background in ecommerce marketing is impressive, to say the least, ranging from stops like (back when it was bigger than Amazon) to a transformation project with David’s Bridal, a stint with L’Oreal’s luxury products division, and most recently, PopSockets. 

Throughout her career, Diana has learned to embrace the challenges that come with growth and performance marketing, a skill set that has allowed her to move across a variety of industries.  

To highlight one such challenge, she shared that early in her career, she would fly to Canada to listen in with call center associates to find a way to shave 3 seconds off of each customer conversation without impacting the quality of their service. By doing so, her company would save roughly $30 million annually. 

Our copywriter, Matt, had the chance to sit down with Diana to talk more about her career, her life outside of work, and what exactly drew her to the Oats Overnight team.

Matt: It sounds like you have to do a lot of outside-the-box thinking to solve problems. Is that something that drives you? 

Diana: It’s always balancing the art and the science. The way I tackle the science is by taking a process improvement mindset, whether that’s to reduce cost or accelerate growth.

And the art is to be able to be creative, think big, and take risks. If you can balance those two well, more times than not you’re going to fail, but then you just lean on the science to course correct so that you can dream big again. 

It’s like this zig-zagging road and I think my career has been something like that, too. But that’s what makes it fun. 

Matt: I can definitely relate to that approach as a copywriter. 

Diana: Right? You need the facts to tell your story,  but you need to be able to tell your story in a way that’s still engaging to read. 

And it’s the art of keeping it fresh. Because the second you do something cool, another brand is gonna pick it up. It’s constant. 

Matt: So what exactly drew you to Oats Overnight? 

Diana: So I’m a mom of three. I take a lot of pride in being a working mom. And after my son was born, again, process improvement. I don’t sleep. I’m working as hard as I can. Something’s gotta give. My health didn’t feel right. 

We partnered with an integrative health specialist and really learned about clean eating. That was seven years ago. That became a part of our lifestyle. Taking care of ourselves when we had no time for anything else was something we could give to ourselves. Part of that diet was overnight oats.

I’d seen an ad and started talking with Brian, and his product transformed just another piece of my health journey. 

I’m passionate about healthy food, healthy eating, fitness, adventure, and I love to work with brands I’m passionate about. As long as there’s an impact to be made, I want to get that word out, get that message out to as many people as possible. 

So I think that’s what drew me to this. I would love to be able to make an impact for so many others out there. 

Diana: I will also say, out of the gate here, this is a team of very passionate and loyal people, and it’s somewhere you want to be. 

Matt: That was one of my first takeaways when I started here. Like, whoa, this place is different. 

Diana: Exactly. Simply stated. This is different. Different and good. The world needs more fun and more good, and the ability for people to take care of themselves. 

Matt: So what are some of your takeaways so far in getting to know the team and this community? 

Diana: There’s so much similarity between the team and the community. I mean, the VIP group? That’s something most brands dream of. How do you get seven-thousand people to passionately talk about oatmeal every single day? We do, and we have a lot of fun. 

The pace at which we do things is quick. It needs to be quick. And if we fall down, we get back up. But I don’t think we fall down very much. 

Matt: So you’re based in Boulder, CO. What’s the ideal day in the life for Diana? 

Diana: Waking up happy, getting my kids where they need to be (school). Enjoying an hour on the Peloton. And starting my workday clear-minded and looking forward to what that day brings. Upon wrapping the day, hearing how my family’s days went. Having dinner together, we really hold that important. That’s our recipe for the week. 

Of course, we work hard during the week so we can play hard on the weekends, whether that’s skiing adventures in the winter, hiking in the summer, and we have quite a map of road trips and national parks that we need to get to. 

As a self-proclaimed ever-optimist, Diana hopes to one day share what she’s learned throughout her career and with others, whether by teaching college-level marketing courses, or by making an impact in a charitable space. While she claims she doesn’t always know what she’s doing, she’s also not afraid to take risks. That recipe seems to be working just fine for our new senior V.P. of marketing. 

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