How To Make Gratitude Place Cards for Thanksgiving Dinner

How To Make Gratitude Place Cards for Thanksgiving Dinner
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If you stop and think a moment, you can probably call to mind someone who’s profoundly improved your life. They helped you move out after a bad breakup, or got you an interview, or knew just the right thing to say when you were seriously doubting yourself. Maybe they did all three things, and many more. Taking the time to write a gratitude letter to that person can be really impactful for both you and them. But it does take a fair amount of time.In this busy season, we’d like to invite you to adapt the gratitude letter practice into something more doable. It fits nicely with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and will leave your guests feeling full of love (in addition to turkey!). The best part: It should only take about 15 minutes.

Creating Gratitude Place Cards

  1. Write down the names of everyone you’ll be gathering with for a meal on Thanksgiving Day.

  2. Call to mind each name, one by one. Imagine their face. Remember how you met them. Think of things that are “so them.” Recall when they acted selflessly or encouraged you.

  3. Write down one to two sentences for each name. Here are a few examples:

“Brian, I’m thankful that you took a risk and asked me to join the company.” 

“Cesar, my life is better because you always start our meetings with hilarious Zoom backgrounds.” 

“Kendall, your words of encouragement each day mean everything to me.”

  1. Download a free place card template–they can be found in mind boggling variety on the interwebs–or just pick up printed out cards at your local craft store.

  2. Write your gratitude notes to each person, and put them on their place setting before everyone is seated.

  3. Boom, you did it.

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