Karla’s Kitchen: Bringing The Zing To Key Lime Pie 2.0

Karla’s Kitchen: Bringing The Zing To Key Lime Pie 2.0
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Key Lime Pie is a special treat–you don’t eat it every time your sweet tooth calls. It’s something to savor when you visit a local bakery or wrap up a fancy dinner out on the town. 

To elevate our version and meet these expectations, Karla and her product development crew listened closely to subscriber feedback from the in-development version of Key Lime Pie we shared this past December. 

“In the subscriber surveys, people seemed to agree that the in-development version tasted slightly artificial,” Karla noted. “We couldn’t have that, so it called for adjusting the ingredients to let their true flavors shine.” Because about 45% of respondents said they wanted more lime, she decided to solve the “artificial taste” problem by boosting the real lime juice. The other clear request from survey input was to up the creaminess so it tastes like that decadent pie folks look forward to. To deliver on that sweet, velvety flavor and texture, she added more ultra-creamy milk protein concentrate.

As usual, our product development partnership with subscribers made this unique flavor oh so satisfying. With real limes, sweet maple sugar, and a swirl of rich cream, Key Lime Pie is that fresh-squeezed citrus flavor you won’t find anywhere else. It launches Tuesday, March 22nd, so set a reminder to grab a slice when we offer it in our “bakery case.”

If you need to restock your supply, check out some of our new flavors. 

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