Karla’s Kitchen: Giving Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough The Finishing Touch

Karla’s Kitchen: Giving Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough The Finishing Touch

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C’s for Cookie (Dough)

Chocolate chip cookie dough is one of the most celebrated treats in America. Cookie Monster’s passion for the pastry was our first introduction. From there, we grew up with its presence at bake sales, holiday celebrations, and late-night sleepovers. 

Its versatility adds to its popularity–you can grab a spoonful of dough straight from the mixing bowl, add chunks of it into ice cream, sprinkle little nuggets atop cakes, and now get it scooped into a cone at trendy dough bars.

As a result, when we launched Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in February, we suspected people would have strong opinions about our take on this classic treat. We weren’t wrong. The feedback was intense, with lots of love letters and some honest detractors.

Dough Data Mining

Karla’s flavor development team always reviews comments from our Facebook VIP group and other social channels. They also take a deep dive into the data from the Subscriber Exclusive survey we send out via email each month after subscribers taste test a bonus pack of the flavor-in-development each month.

 Flavor Intensity Survey Results

Here’s what that survey revealed. When we asked about overall flavor intensity, over half of the subscribers who responded said it could use a bit more oomph. Alrighty then. So then the next question was how to achieve that, or more specifically, what flavor notes to lean into more heavily. Looking at the response to vanilla flavoring, 45% said they could use a bit more. And almost 50% said they wanted more of that doughy, buttery, floury, brown sugary taste.

 Dough Flavor Survey Results

So those were the development team’s marching orders, and that’s just what they did. The soon-to-be-released version is something pretty close to heaven. So grab a sticky note, write a reminder for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough’s launch on Sunday, May 22nd, and get ready to eat the whole batch when it arrives in your next box!

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