Karla’s Kitchen: Making Real Ingredients Taste “Fruity Sweet”

Karla’s Kitchen: Making Real Ingredients Taste “Fruity Sweet”
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Fruity Cereal is one of our most nostalgic flavors. Just one taste and you’ll be transported back to childhood mornings when you tried to squeeze every last bit of pleasure out of your breakfast before running to the bus stop.
And let’s be honest–the fruity cereal of your childhood was not so much about the subtle, individual tastes of real fruit as it was about the hopped up, intensely sweet “fruit flavor” mixed with that silky smooth (and now also sweet) milk in the bowl. This presented a unique challenge for our product development team: How do you make real ingredients represent a bit of an “artificial” flavor instead of vice versa!?

Fruity Cereal

To get it just right, we leaned on our subscribers’ taste testing like we do each month through our flavor-in-development program. Not surprisingly, a lot of customer feedback from the in-development version called for greater flavor intensity, especially to balance out the very strong orange notes. “We took those notes and increased the tart cherry powder and added in more strawberry pieces. Together, these changes helped the individual flavors blend into an overall ‘fruity sweetness’ rather than individual flavors,” says Karla, our head of product development.

The result? Well, we think the full-scale release is pretty dead on, and we can’t wait to see how you react to it. So put a reminder on your calendar for Fruity Cereal’s launch on Wednesday, April 20th, and plan a throwback cartoon binge to coincide with your next box’s delivery. 

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