Our Account Manager Shares Her “One More Thing” Goal: Learning the Ukulele

Our Account Manager Shares Her “One More Thing” Goal: Learning the Ukulele
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In December, a group of Oats Overnight employees committed to the “One More Thing” challenge in anticipation of the new year. The concept was simple; pick any one thing that you’d like to work on –– a health or fitness goal, investing in a hobby, or even learning a new instrument –– and commit to it. 

The challenge provided enough reason and built-in accountability to inspire folks to reach for goals that have always seemed to elude them in the past. For others, it was the inspiration they needed to try something completely new. 

For Hannah Kong, our resident account manager, it was more the latter. The challenge convinced her to try her luck at the ukulele. Our brand copywriter, Matt, checked in with her to see how the challenge is going. 

Hannah: I’m the account manager at Oats Overnight. I’m half cat, half accountant. And… I’m learning to play the ukulele! 

Matt: The ukulele? That’s amazing. Did you have one already or did you buy one for the “One More Thing” challenge? 

Hannah: Yeah my boyfriend got me one. And I just got encouraged to play it this last month because of the challenge. I’ve finally learned some chords. I learned one part of a song. Everyone else in the office was suffering while I was playing. 

Matt: (laughter) What song are you learning? 

Hannah: Over The Rainbow. 

Matt: That’s a classic ukulele song. Do you have a background in music or is this your first foray into that world? 

Hannah: No, I am not musically talented. I think this is the first instrument I’ve learned how to play besides the recorder. I have a harmonica and a piano but I can’t play them. I just like collecting things. But now I’m interested in all these different instruments. I want to play the banjo and the djembe. 

Matt: What about the didgeridoo? 

Hannah: I’ve seen those but that thing is bigger than me, so… 

Matt: So, with the “One More Thing” challenge, did you have a specific end goal in mind? 

Hannah: I think just being patient and consistent with myself. I get pretty frustrated pretty easily. Especially trying to get the chords and the strum together. Learning all these words as well. With music, something I’m not very familiar with, I feel like throwing that ukulele out the window and running it over with a car. But I didn’t. I learned a song. 

Matt: I’m glad you didn’t run it over. Can we hear you play a song? 

Hannah: I’m working on a collaboration with some other staff. But I need more time. 

Matt: That sounds, uh, exciting. 

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