To Overcome Impostor Syndrome, Talk About It

To Overcome Impostor Syndrome, Talk About It

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One of the hallmarks of impostor syndrome is how it causes us to feel failure-induced shame - even when we've succeeded by most other standards.

For many of us, that shame is part of what makes impostor syndrome such a challenge to overcome, because it discourages us from using one of our greatest tools for dismantling it: our voices.

What do we gain by talking about our impostor syndrome with others? For one, it allows us to step outside our own self-perception and view our feelings of inadequacy from a different, more lenient perspective. Plus, if we go deep enough in conversation, we're likely to find that many others have experienced impostor syndrome as well

But that's not all. Broaching the right conversations with the right people about your impostor syndrome can lead to startling revelations and progress. To help you get the conversation started, here are some people we recommend reaching out to, as well as some topics that may be worth bringing to the table.

Talk to Loved Ones

Using words of affirmation with ourselves can be difficult and uncomfortable, even though they're extremely healing. Fortunately, our loved ones are much more likely to lend us confidence-boosting words without hesitation. Receiving such words may provide you with the boost you need to begin using the same uplifting language with yourself, which is precisely how you’ll end up overcoming imposter syndrome in the end.

You might also be surprised to learn that people close to you may also be struggling with impostor syndrome or have struggled with it in the past. Reading about others’ experiences with impostor syndrome is one thing, but knowing that you have others near to you who can relate can be a profoundly encouraging realization and a great opportunity to understand and unravel your own impostor syndrome.

Plus, by listening to and helping others we take ourselves out of the center of our own experience. This bird’s-eye view helps us identify the best path forward for ourselves and allows us to see the nuances of our own experience with greater scope and clarity.

Talk to a Professional  

An objective and knowledgeable third party, such as a counselor, can prove indispensable in helping you overcome impostor syndrome. Using their knowledge and experience, a professional can help you understand where your own impostor syndrome comes from and provide you with the tools for dismantling it. One thing they may suggest is that you open up to your loved ones about your experience!

Talk to Yourself

Ultimately, impostor syndrome is a narrative we subconsciously tell ourselves each time we’re met with success. Flipping the script and changing that narrative is the only way we’re ever going to fully overcome it and take joy in our achievements. But that only happens when we take the uncomfortable (at first) choice of treating ourselves with compassion.

One powerful way to begin rewriting the script is to have a conversation with yourself in the mirror. Rather than following the typical self-flagellating narrative, try saying things like, “I did earn that success,” or, “I am wonderful as I am; I don’t need to be flawless to be successful.” (It’s true, after all.) Then, the next time you notice impostor syndrome kicking in after a success, try reading from the new script instead.

United in Our Journey

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