When Setting Goals, Don’t Be Afraid To Abandon Your Roots

When Setting Goals, Don’t Be Afraid To Abandon Your Roots
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More New Year’s goals fail than succeed. And it’s not just for a lack of time, effort, and proper planning. Rather, when we start making significant changes to our health, lifestyle, or our careers, we’re suddenly faced with a part of ourselves that doesn’t believe those changes are possible. 

In our last blog, we explored the feelings of unworthiness that limit many of us in the pursuit of positive lifestyle changes. Similarly, a lot of us feel that when we grow in new directions, we’ll abandon our roots -– leaving behind our loved ones along the way. 

Feeling Disloyal to Your Loved Ones

Have you ever felt resentment from family or friends after making significant changes in your life? Say you want to dial back your alcohol consumption, but a lot of your social life revolves around going out with friends. What might happen to those relationships? Will it prove challenging to fill all the extra time and meet new people? 

Maybe you settled on this goal in part to become healthier, but suddenly you’re faced with a lot of unknowns. Is the shakeup to your social life worth the trouble? It’s hard to say when you don’t know what sacrifices you’ll end up having to make to reach your goal. Or what lies on the other side. 

In that sense, setting ambitious goals can feel a lot like abandoning your roots. But you chose them for a reason. Instead of avoiding these areas for growth altogether, you could talk about it with your friends, family, coworkers, or whoever else might be impacted by a sudden change in your day to day. 

By explaining why you set these goals and why they’re important to you, you might get more support from your loved ones than you’d think. 

Fueling Your Growth

At Oats Overnight, we believe that small, healthy choices add up over time. Something as simple as switching up your breakfast routine can lead to healthier habits and positive changes to your lifestyle. You have goals for the new year. Starting your day with our nutrient-dense flavors is a great place to start. 

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