A Few Subtle Tweaks Made Blueberry Cobbler Even Better

Jul 29, 2022
[three-minute read]  Is our team completely obsessed with oatmeal? Yes. Well, kind of. It’s more that we’re obsessed with giving our customers th...

Meet Our New Flavor, Boston Cream. Here’s Why You Should Be Excited About It.

Jul 15, 2022
[two-minute read]  When Boston Cream went out to subscribers as an in-development flavor in April, the feedback was consistently great. So there wa...

Birthday Cake, Revamped: How We Made This Flavor Better.

Jun 13, 2022
[two-minute read] Every now and then our flavor development team comes up with ideas to make our flavors even better. Most of our top sellers have ...

The OO Flavor Lifecycle

May 20, 2022
[four-minute read] Ever wonder how new Oats Overnight flavors come to be? Or why some disappear and others stick around forever? Like you, our flav...

Karla’s Kitchen: Giving Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough The Finishing Touch

May 15, 2022
[three-minute read] C’s for Cookie (Dough) Chocolate chip cookie dough is one of the most celebrated treats in America. Cookie Monster’s passion fo...

Feed Your Gut, AKA Your Second Brain

May 02, 2022
[four-minute read] The Foundation of Your Health If a child asked you what the most important organ of the body was, would your answer be the gut? ...

A Brief Explanation Of What Shapes Your Tastes

Apr 29, 2022
[four-minute read] “I didn’t grow up eating this as a kid, so I have nothing to compare it to. But I like it. Could it use some more strawberry, th...

Karla’s Kitchen: Making Real Ingredients Taste “Fruity Sweet”

Apr 14, 2022
[one-minute read] Fruity Cereal is one of our most nostalgic flavors. Just one taste and you’ll be transported back to childhood mornings when you ...

How One Long-Haul Trucker Stays Healthy On The Road

Apr 12, 2022
[three-minute read] After 20 years in the construction business, Matt Bentley was ready for a career change. Something that offered him a little mo...
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