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It’s really difficult to put words here that don’t feel self-important. We’re just a bunch of people trying to make really good oatmeal.

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OK we’ll be honest - we weren’t 100% positive what we were doing when we started. We made mistakes, but we were always learning. One thing we always got right is making flavors our customers actually want... because we just ask them. Oats Overnight is the result.

5 years later, we're nationwide in retail. We've launched 20+ flavors and have grown a ton, all thanks to you.

How It All Began

Brian loved overnight oats as a fuel for demanding days. But the make-it-yourself version required too much time to prepare. So he made his own and wanted to share it with others.

Where We’re At Today

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Ever since the beginning days at Brian’s kitchen table, we’ve kept the production in-house. Most companies outsource production. But we’re a food company. Why wouldn’t we keep making food ourselves? This gives us the ability to check-in with customers and make rapid improvements to our recipe. In short, it allows us to make the best oatmeal in the world.

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