Oats Overnight Scholarship Opportunity


Oats Overnight is a new and innovative product that is quickly taking over the oats industry. We have created a product quick, easy, delicious and healthy. It is primarily made up of 4 critical ingredients that consist of chia seeds, flax seeds, protein, and of course, oats!

How It Works:

When we say quick and easy, it may be an understatement. Its this easy… Pour the 8 oz milk/water followed by package contents into a blender bottle. Next, shake briefly and refrigerate overnight. Last, give it a quick shake and enjoy!

We Are Here To Help

At Oats Overnight we are dedicated to helping those who are committed to making their life better through finding nutrition. Oats Overnight understands the struggle of finding a healthy, quick and easy breakfast to get your day started right.

Rewards and Experience

Oats Overnight will be rewarding two students a grant of $750 to assist in paying for necessities such as a bike, gym membership, meal preparation, textbooks, or other fees students face. The students will be chose based upon our criteria for ho we see best fit to receive our scholarship.

Good Fit For You?

The first student to be awarded will be a high school senior attending a four year university in the spring, and the second will be a current university student.

How To Apply

The scholarships will be awarded to the student who can best describe importance of exercising and staying active in 500 hundred words or less, who also fits into the following criteria:

If interested: Please feel free to reach out to ( ).


  1. A student graduating high school and attending a four year university majoring or minoring in Nutrition, Kinesiology, Exercise Science, or is on a club/collegiate athletic team
  2. A full time student enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester in good academic standing
  3. A student who has a small background in exercise/fitness


  1. Two $750 scholarships will be awarded to by Oats Overnight whom we see best fit
  2. Submission deadline is Aug. 31st 2018 for students attending please