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The cat's outta the bag!

That’s right. Simply’s secret recipe is out! And Cristine has teamed up with Oats Overnight to bring her long-awaited Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to the masses. Plus, guess what? It’s got twice the protein of similar oats and directly-sourced with ingredients you can trust. Holo-mole, we ran out of the limited edition BlenderBottle fast! Don't worry, though: we're sending you the classic Oats Overnight bottle and. it. works. the. same!

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Free BlenderBottle® First Order Free BlenderBottle® First Order
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New to Oats Overnight’s prep method?

Say hello to this grab-and-go meal ready in just three steps:

Commute Friendly Commute
Cold Cooked Cold
Time Saver 20-minute
Step 1

Shake Oats Overnight with milk or milk alternative.

Step 2

Chill it in the fridge overnight.

Step 3


9,000,000 Meals Enjoyed
370,000 Happy Customers
180,000,000 Morning minutes saved

“The perfect breakfast for a busy resident physician on the go! Easy, tastes great, and high in protein! ”

Alexandra J. Verified Subscriber

“These are an absolute game changer in my morning routine. They are so easy, healthy and delicious. I can not wait for my next box.”

Shelby C. Verified Subscriber

“Delicious and filling, Oats Overnight make for a perfect breakfast, post-workout, or evening snack. The flavors are spot on but not too sweet!”

Olivia H. Verified Subscriber

Bye-Bye, Exclusive Bottle

Gah! The exclusive BlenderBottle has sold out. But don’t cry! Get your manis on our Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe while you still can.