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meet the four ingredients in every package.

We’ve hand-selected every ingredient to give you the perfect balance of performance and flavor. We hate to pick favorites, but these four are at the top of our list. (Just don’t tell the other ingredients.)

Flax seeds

Don’t let their size fool you, these tiny seeds are high in nutrients like protein and fiber. Once you enjoy the perks of Chia, you’ll wonder why you wasted so many of the seeds growing grassy pets.

meet the flavors


Overnight Oats Starter 3 Pack

Oats Overnight - 3 pack - Starter


One package each of Green Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana, and Strawberries & Cream or choose all of one flavor. Includes Oats Overnight BlenderBottle®.

Overnight Oats Protein 12 pack
Oats Overnight - 12 Pack


Overnight Oats Protein 24 Pack
Oats Overnight - 24 Pack



did you know...

Oats Overnight has as much protein as 5 large eggs, when prepared with non-fat milk. And it smells better, too.

Ancient Mayan warriors ate so many Chia seeds for strength, they actually named them after the Mayan word for strength — chia!

key benefits

If nutritional values were how we measured worth, our easy-to-use, pre-measured packages would be delivered to your door in an armored truck.
Prepackaged Overnight Oats

Pre-measured, single-serving packs

Overnight Oats To Start Your Day Off Right

Specially formulated for starting your day off right

Overnight Oats high in protein

High in protein and laced with healthy fats

Overnight Oats with vitamins and nutrients

Made with superfoods rich in vitamins and minerals


Yes! Any milk or milk alternative works (except water). Keep in mind that milk alternatives are often sweetened, which will greatly affect overall taste. We prefer unsweetened almond milk!

No. Adding enough water to make your oats drinkable will greatly damage the taste. Think of it like eating cereal with water, and don’t try it at home.

Yes! You can always send an email request for specific numbers of each flavor when you place your order.

The dry product has a very long shelf life—up to 6 months. We try to consume them within 24 hours of putting them in the fridge.

It works both ways! Waiting overnight allows the oats and chia seeds to fully hydrate, softening the oatmeal and distributing it evenly in the Blender Bottle. We have heard many people say they prefer it immediately for a more textured, chewy oatmeal.

Heating the oats up in the Blender Bottle is dangerous. Pressure can build in the bottle causing it to explode. While the oats themselves will still taste great, we recommend keeping this product chill.

While all of our ingredients are naturally gluten free, our oats are processed in facilities that also process gluten-containing items.

At this time, we do not ship internationally.

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