Oats Overnight FAQs


Yes! Any milk or milk alternative works (except water). Keep in mind that milk alternatives are often sweetened, which will greatly affect overall taste. We prefer unsweetened almond milk!

No. Adding enough water to make your oats drinkable will greatly damage the taste. Think of it like eating cereal with water, don't do it!

Unfortunately, we are not able to customize a la carte orders. We are only able to customize subscription orders.

The dry product has a shelf life of 9 months. We recommend consuming them within 36 hours of putting them in the fridge for the best experience.

It works both ways! Waiting overnight allows the oats and chia seeds to fully hydrate and soften the oatmeal. We recommend waiting four to five hours for the best experience, but some customers do enjoy eating it immediately for a more textured, chewy oatmeal.

We love Oats Overnight chilled, but it will also taste great heated up. Be sure to uncap the lid on the bottle before microwaving - pressure can build quickly within the tight seal.

Yes! Oats Overnight sources certified gluten free oats to eliminate the risk of cross contamination, ensuring a truly gluten free final product. Routine independent third party tests ensure that our product is gluten free.

Our customized Blender Bottles provide a unique experience with our product. The whisk ball actually blocks the flow of oats while drinking-- our seeds naturally disperse the ingredients. Therefore, our products ship without a whisk ball.


Just email support@oatsovernight.com and let us know how long you’d like your subscription paused for, and we’ll update it for you.

Shipping and Returns

At this time, we do not ship internationally.

U.S. customers receive a 30 day money back guarantee on their first purchase*. To return your first purchase:
  • • Email us at support@oatsovernight.com with your order # to request a discounted shipping label.
  • • Send back your purchase.
  • • When we receive your return we will refund your purchase price minus the cost of shipping.
If you are an existing customer and aren’t loving your latest Oats Overnight purchase, please email us at support@oatsovernight.com with your order # and tell us why you didn’t like it. If you are not happy with a particular flavor, it can be replaced at our discretion.

*Refunds are limited to a maximum of $100. Sorry we are unable to offer refunds for international orders at this time. Refund policy subject to change without notice.