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Space Brownie Space Brownie

Level up your breakfast game: Introducing Space Brownie
Made in collaboration with Spacestation Gaming

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We grew up on video games. Whether as an outlet, a way to connect with friends, or a chance to grind our way to the highest level, we're proud to share that passion with Spacestation Gaming and their community of elite competitors and top-notch content creators.

Meet the Oats Squad

  • Brian

    CEO, Founder

    Hard stuck diamond Apex.

  • Nate

    Director, Sustainability

    Chronic Back Pain from carrying the squad in Halo.

  • Thomas

    Director, eCommerce

    Loves to start conference calls by yelling "This is Rocket League!”

  • Allison

    Food Scientist

    Actively working on a “baked bl-oat-fly” flavor. Actively being turned down.

  • Juan


    I don’t always reload, but when I do there are enemies in front of me.

  • Lex

    Social Community Manager

    Not good at all but has a good time.

  • Rachel

    Social Community Specialist

    Wife of Krobus.

  • Alex

    Social Voice Manager

    I will 'wanna play one more round?’ you to death.

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