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Space Brownie Space Brownie

Level up your breakfast game: Introducing Space Brownie
Made in collaboration with Spacestation Gaming

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We grew up on video games. Whether as an outlet, a way to connect with friends, or a chance to grind our way to the highest level, we're proud to share that passion with Spacestation Gaming and their community of elite competitors and top-notch content creators.

Meet the Oats Squad


CEO, Founder

Hard stuck diamond Apex.


Director, Sustainability

Chronic Back Pain from carrying the squad in Halo.


Director, eCommerce

Loves to start conference calls by yelling "This is Rocket League!”


Food Scientist

Actively working on a “baked bl-oat-fly” flavor. Actively being turned down.



I don’t always reload, but when I do there are enemies in front of me.


Social Community Manager

Not good at all but has a good time.


Social Community Specialist

Wife of Krobus.


Social Voice Manager

I will 'wanna play one more round?’ you to death.

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This is what happens when..

An Ex Poker Champion Creates a Breakfast Company

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