How One Long-Haul Trucker Stays Healthy On The Road

How One Long-Haul Trucker Stays Healthy On The Road
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After 20 years in the construction business, Matt Bentley was ready for a career change. Something that offered him a little more freedom and independence. He’d heard through the grapevine that trucking could offer just that. 

Based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Matt now makes regular multi-day trips from his headquarters in the Midwest to deliver street sweepers and other heavy machinery all over the country. When we got on the phone with him, he was parked along the side of the road for a thirty-minute lunch break before he’d punch out another four hours to deliver a backhoe in Vegas. 

From the sound of it, Matt is pretty stoked about his career change. He’ll work hard for six weeks, then take two weeks off to ski his favorite Idaho resorts in the winter and camp, fish, and overland in the warmer months. He likes that he can work independently without much oversight from his company. But that’s not to say the industry came without new challenges.

Professional Driving Takes a Toll on Your Health

Professional drivers –– especially those in the business of long-hauling –– have to deal with irregular sleep schedules and limited food options on the road. That’s not easy in a career that requires laser focus for hours at a time. 

“You have truck stop food. You have McDonald’s and Carl’s Junior. And you have Subway. That’s it,” Matt said, weighing in on his choices between stops.
“My first two years I had a microwave. I was eating Hot Pockets, macaroni and cheese, and cereal,” he said. “It was just super unhealthy.”  

Along with that, he was drinking more coffee than he liked. He’s usually up around 2 a.m. and hits the road shortly after, so to stay sharp, he’d make coffee twice a day and finish off with an energy drink in the afternoon. 

But he knew that wasn’t sustainable, so Matt figured out how to eat healthier on the road over time. Nowadays his diet consists of things like salad, chicken, fish, eggs and chorizo, fruits and vegetables, and his daily dose of Oats Overnight (which he’s been buying since 2019 for himself and his mom). 

As a morning driver, his daily shaker of Oats Overnight helps keep him fueled through the darker hours so he can make another safe and on-time delivery. 

What’s Your Story? 

If you’re part of the Oats Overnight VIP Facebook group, you may have seen the photo of Matt’s flavor stash tucked away in his truck. We keep a pretty close eye on the page and we love hearing about all the ways folks incorporate Oats Overnight into their lifestyle. And the next time you merge onto the highway, keep an eye out for Matt Bentley. He might even have a pack or two to spare. “When it comes to something I believe in, I take the chance to pass it around.” 

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