Are You Getting In The Way of Your Own New Year’s Goals?

Are You Getting In The Way of Your Own New Year’s Goals?
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In our last blog, we discussed why 80% of New Year’s resolutions don’t last. It turns out, there might be more getting in your way than you’d think when it comes to setting new goals for the new year. 

Maybe that new gym membership isn’t working out because you’re more crunched for time than you expected, or you just can’t find the energy to add to your routine between work and other obligations at home. Maybe your resolutions are proving to be more of a burden than a welcomed lifestyle shift. 

These are the kinds of challenges we face when we set out with new goals, but is that the real reason most of us will abandon them throughout the year? In truth, there’s likely something more fundamental at play. Or an inability to accept that you’re deserving of these positive changes to your life.

How We Sabotage Our Own Progress

We always have potential improvements we can make to our lives. Our health, careers, and family dynamics are common targets for New Year’s resolutions. Maybe this is the year you finally get back in shape. Or you fight for that promotion you’ve been eyeing at work. No matter the goal, there’s a difference between wanting it and feeling worthy enough to manifest these changes in your life. 

Often, it’s the latter that stifles our growth more than the former. You can identify areas for growth in your life, set realistic goals, and it still wouldn’t be enough if you don’t believe you’re fundamentally deserving of the changes you’re setting out to make. 

In fact, these feelings of unworthiness are far more ubiquitous than you’d think. And when you feel this way, it doesn’t matter how much effort you’re willing to put towards meeting your goals. Even if you find success early on, you might feel like an imposter, and the success you’re experiencing is simply an anomaly before you inevitably revert to your former ways. 

How To Embrace Positive (and Lasting) Changes 

Have you tried year after year to make changes to your lifestyle, relationships, or other parts of your life with little lasting success? Does it feel a little like Einstein’s definition of insanity by setting goals every new year and then letting them fall to the wayside? If so, it’s time to take a step back and fundamentally rethink the problem. 

For many of us, it’s not about a lack of time, effort, or ability. Rather, it’s a nagging voice within us reminding us that we’re not worthy of a better or healthier life. If that sounds all too familiar, it’s worth acknowledging and exposing those feelings. The more we bring them to light, the more that we can accept they’re nothing more than feelings. 

We can’t make fundamental changes to our lives until we truly believe that we’re worthy of the success it will bring us. And while it’s often uncomfortable exploring these more vulnerable parts of ourselves, it might be the biggest thing holding you back from whatever you hope to achieve going forward. 

Fueling Your Growth

At Oats Overnight, we believe that small, healthy choices add up over time. Something as simple as switching up your breakfast routine can lead to healthier habits and positive changes to your lifestyle. You have goals for the new year. Starting your day with our nutrient-dense flavors is a great place to start. 

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