You Need To Read This Guy's Flavor Reviews

You Need To Read This Guy's Flavor Reviews
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If you’ve ever hopped onto our Facebook VIP page, you’ve probably noticed the high level of interaction between customers and Oats Overnight staffers. We love connecting daily with the people who enjoy our product, and we talk about them all the time in team meetings. 

One, in particular, gets frequent shout-outs for his flavor review posts. That’d be Mike Hammersmith, a man with a fantastic ability to turn a phrase and capture the fun in each of our premium flavors

It’s no wonder Mike can spin out clutch culinary copy. He wrote for many years about mixed martial arts and the fascinating lives of MMA fighters (A seasoned martial artist himself, he often sparred with his subjects to build their trust and get the best stories). He also authored and published a novella in between his day job and family time. Combine that with being the one-man marketing wing of his own restaurant, and it all comes together. 

Today, Hammersmith works for a premium grocer and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life as he delivers products to their doorsteps. He discovered Oats Overnight while seeking a healthier way to eat on the go. As a creative outlet, he writes witty and imaginative flavor reviews and posts them in our VIP community. Here are just a few of our favorites, and we encourage you to check out our group for more:


Maple Pancakes

Oh baby.
You know what it is.
OG Sticky Sauce.
Tree Blood.
Brown Gold.
Official Currency of Vermont.
It just works in here.


Blueberry Cobbler

Lunchtime legend.
Insurmountable flavor.
Achilles reborn as fiber.
If you like a flavor more than this one,
just imagine me saying "Wrong" at 160 decibels.



All the sweetness of campfire treats
without the smokey eyes,
bug bites,
complicated bathroom trips,
and homicidal machete-wielding lake denizens.


Dark Chocolate Cherry

With these two heavy-hitting 
antioxidants in your breakfast,
your ticker is getting a spa day.
It can also mind its own business
about that fourth slice of
pizza at dinner tonight.


Feed Your Creativity

Our big thanks to Mike for creating some flavor reviews that just hit different than typical marketing copy. We’re stoked to fuel his artistic side and keep him full while he’s on the road all day. Give us a try and if your inner Hemingway awakens too, send us some lines and let us know what you think! 

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