Gratitude Basics: Embracing Setbacks

Gratitude Basics: Embracing Setbacks
[two-minute practice]

Gratitude is a state of appreciation that makes us more present, open, and connected to the people around us. Researchers who study gratitude found that it blocks toxic emotions like resentment, depression, and envy, which threaten our well-being. 

A Quick Reflection Exercise

One of the best things we can do to cultivate gratitude is to reflect on more challenging times in our lives. Here’s a quick, two-minute exercise to do just that.

  1. Grab a pen and paper and settle into a comfortable chair or relaxing spot. Set aside all of your devices. Take a few calming breaths and set your intention to be present to your senses and your own mind.

  2. Think back over the first decade of your life. Do any significant challenges come to your memory? If not, try the second decade, and so on, until you arrive at a particularly challenging season. Write down a quick summary of what happened.

  3. Consider how you grew from the setback. What things did you learn about yourself? About other people? About how to persevere during trying times? Write that down.

  4. Reflect on how you might have been less prepared for subsequent chapters of your life without this challenge. Write it down. 

  5. Enter the rest of your day with appreciation for the growth this setback produced. Voilà! You have just grown in your ability to see things with a grateful mindset.

Let’s Practice Appreciation Together

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