How to Overcome Your Resistance to Mindfulness Meditation

How to Overcome Your Resistance to Mindfulness Meditation

"I Have No Time to Meditate"

We get it. You want to be more present in the moment. You want to be less inclined to anxiety and depression. And you want to be more resilient in the midst of stress. But who has the time? We feel you on that. But we also know that people find time for the things they care about the most, such as staying current on cute cat vids on YouTube, or skimping on sleep to watch one more episode on Netflix. These insanely important pursuits prove that it’s possible to squeeze in a few extra minutes to practice a life-giving skill like mindfulness meditation. So how do we channel this time-stretching superpower for our own mental health? 

Many people find that morning is the best time of day to develop a meditation habit. That’s because in the early hours, we tend to have a bit more control over our time. Plus, beginning the day with meditation shapes how we approach the spilled coffee, traffic jams, and surprise deadlines we’ll face during the day. If morning is the worst time of the day for you because you always stay up too late even though you are regularly awakened by small children at 5 am, then pick another time in the day to meditate. Just try to be consistent with that time, like you are with your Oats Overnight prep.

"I'm Not Good at It"

The pressure to be amazingly aware and nonjudgmental and in constant flow real. But actually, mindfulness meditation is not a performance. In mindfulness practices, we step back and watch the thoughts and feelings constantly playing in our mind like we’d watch a play or a movie. We note them, we don’t judge them, and we breathe. That’s all. As Arianna Huffington has said, “I was under the impression I had to ‘do’ meditation. And I didn’t have time for another burdensome thing to ‘do.’ Fortunately, a friend pointed out one day that we don’t ‘do’ meditation; meditation ‘does’ us. That opened the door for me. The only thing to ‘do’ in meditation is nothing.” In other words, mindfulness meditation is the space where you embrace being, not doing, and certainly not doing something to perfection.

Join Us And We'll Keep Trying This Together

Oats Overnight is a company and a community of people that embrace what’s Real. Many things about life today push us to sacrifice a well-rounded, reflective life. We’re actively looking for ways to resist those forces and become the best, truest version of ourselves. Practicing mindfulness is a way to do that. And it helps us be more present to each other. We hope you’ll join us on our journey toward greater health, success, and joy.


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