Mindfulness Is One Of My Key Recovery Resources

Mindfulness Is One Of My Key Recovery Resources
Kellieanne McNeil
Featured Customer

I’ve been in recovery for fifteen years. About five years in, I sensed that I needed something more to sustain me. Someone introduced me to meditation and I discovered it was exactly what I needed to balance me. It also prepares me for success with other daily goals.

My Daily Ritual 

The first thing I do when I wake up is close my eyes and picture myself in a beautiful place. The location I imagine depends on how I feel that morning, but the goal is always to clear my head. This prepares me to take on a world that isn’t always perfect, and to start the day on a positive note. For example, I’ll choose the beach. I picture my toes digging into the sand, the sound of the waves crashing, the smell of the ocean, and the sunlight on my face. Then I’m ready to go. My next daily goal is to maintain my intermittent fasting schedule. I love it because it regulates my energy. Even better: I get to break my fast with Blueberry Cobbler prepared with unsweetened oat milk. That keeps me going! Finally, at night, when it’s time to stop the racing thoughts and quiet my brain, I use the Calm app. I love the sleep stories they offer because they always send me off to a great night’s sleep.

One Day At A Time

There’s so much energy that goes into moving forward in recovery. It’s the type of struggle that you only win by taking it one day at a time. And these daily rituals help me because staying rooted in the present moment, paying attention to my senses, and nourishing myself well provide the balance and perspective necessary for avoiding relapse. I hope they inspire you, too.

Join Me On The Journey

Oats Overnight is a company and a community of people that embrace what’s Real. Real people face the truth about their past yet continue to hope and work for a future that is brighter and healthier. Mindfulness meditation can facilitate that process and free us to be more present to each other, too. We hope you’ll join us on our journey toward greater health, success, and joy.

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