Mindful Eating Basics: Practicing Gratitude

Mindful Eating Basics: Practicing Gratitude
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Food Appreciation Is Transformative

Mindful eating helps us regain connection to the internal cues and sensations that allow us to make more intentional and satisfying choices about what, when, and how much to eat. In our Mindful Eating Basics series of blog posts, we’ve defined our current and ideal relationship with food, worked on identifying true physical hunger, practiced slowing down to savor each bite, and reconnected to the sensations that help us achieve true satiety. One last ingredient for mindful eating is required: practicing gratitude. Gratitude transforms the “scarcity” mindset we so often carry with us into one of abundance and contentment. When we bring this disposition to our plate, we’re on our way towards the right relationship with food. We can practice gratitude in many ways, for example, focusing on the nutrients a meal provides or the creativity that went into the dish. For this post, we’re going to focus our gratitude on the remarkable journey just one ingredient in Oats Overnight takes from farm to shaker cup.

From Dairy Farm To Your Oats Shake

Let’s marvel at whey protein for a moment. Yes, we know it’s a strange thing to appreciate. But the path it takes from that good old dairy cow to becoming a protein-rich nutrient in your Oats shake is impressive. Before the farmer milks the cow, he or she has worked long hours for many years to ensure that the cow eats feed that is clean and conducive to producing rich dairy products. Once “Daisy” makes, say, a gallon of milk, that milk goes for a road trip in a refrigerated tanker to a cheese factory. Food scientists test it for its protein and fat content at the cheese factory, and they remove the water that holds these nutrients in solution. Then they place the remaining mixture into a cheese vat, add starter cultures, and oh so gently stir. The protein and whey then get separated and clarified through a fancy machine called a centrifuge. Next, it gets pasteurized and filtered through ultra-, micro-, and nano-filters (very, very tiny!) and dried at very high temperatures. Finally, they test the end product to ensure its quality and ship it to our production facility in Tempe. When it gets to us (yay!) we blend it into a delicious variety of Oats Overnight flavors. This entire process happens in just a few days, and it’s all made possible by hardworking people who take pride in their work. So smile when you pop open that shaker lid and savor their work. And carry that gratitude with you after your meal is over.

Food For Thought

At Oats Overnight we don’t sell magic remedies for weight loss or instant body transformation. We create premium, nutritious food that helps our customers reach attainable goals, one morning at a time. Join us as we journey together towards greater health, success, and joy.


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