Mindful Eating Basics: Appreciating Your Body

Mindful Eating Basics: Appreciating Your Body
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Got A Negative Body Image?

We’re not always kind to our bodies. Silently, we judge and criticize ourselves, wishing our bodies were different. It’s no wonder, since the pressure to have the “ideal” body type is everywhere. Here’s the thing: denying or suppressing these negative thoughts won’t really help. In fact, it gives the thoughts more power. Practicing mindfulness can help us become aware of these automatic criticisms. And by acknowledging their presence, we can change them. Because a thought is just a thought, not an absolute, irreversible truth. By noticing it, releasing it, and replacing it with a kinder thought, we shift the power dynamic. Over time as we practice mindfulness, we can develop a more accepting relationship with our bodies, even if we want to change them in some ways. 

Practicing Body Positivity

To begin the process of befriending your body, here’s a practice we like to call “The Fabulous Five.” You’ll need a pencil and paper.

  • Take five calming breaths and set your intention to be present and engaged in this short mindfulness practice.

  • Write down one way you normally think about and relate to your body. An example would be, “My midsection is so flabby.” Try to capture the thought exactly as it flows through your mind without softening it or changing it.

  • Acknowledge that this thought came into existence long ago and has been reinforced through practice. Now take a big, cleansing breath, and let it go. 

  • Write down five things about your body that you honestly appreciate. This is your Fabulous Five list. Your list will likely include some core features of embodiment like, “I’m grateful that my sense of touch allows me to enjoy hugs.” Or, “I’m so glad I’m able to walk around the block because my legs work.” Or, “I like my green eyes.” Just to stimulate appreciation for your body, here are a few other amazing facts we thought were too fabulous not to share:

    • Pound for pound, your bones are stronger than steel. A block of bones the size of a matchbox can support up to 18,000 pounds of weight!

    • Your body has anywhere between 60,000 to 100,000 miles of blood vessels. Laid out end to end, that amounts to about four trips around the globe!

    • The human noses can detect up to 1 trillion smells!

    • When listening to music, your heartbeat will sync with the rhythm!

  • Recite your own Fab Five out loud. Practice this as often as possible in the next week, perhaps as a part of your daily Oats Overnight ritual. At the end of the week, look at yourself in the mirror and reflect on how, if at all, you’ve gained greater appreciation for your body.

Food For Thought

At Oats Overnight we don’t sell magic remedies for weight loss or instant body transformation. We create premium, nutritious food that helps our customers reach attainable goals, one morning at a time. Join us as we journey together towards greater health, success, and joy.


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