We Can’t Help But Smile When Our Customers Do This

We Can’t Help But Smile When Our Customers Do This
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Our customers are kind of amazing. Yeah yeah, we know brands always say this and it’s usually hollow. But we MEAN it. Our daily interactions with them in person and on our social channels–particularly the Facebook VIP page – blow us away. 

To celebrate them, we’ve shared some of their tips and quirks in our past few blogs. So in this entry, we just want to drop a few examples of how they warm our hearts and honor us by letting us help them start each day. We asked them to tell us about their Oats Overnight ritual–how they prep and eat it–and they let us know how they fit it into family life:

“Every time I try a new flavor I have my husband try a sip. We rate it on a 1 - Mocha scale. Mocha being the best, obviously.” –Amy M.

“I wake up at the unholy hour of 3:30 am for my kid's swim practice. I make my OO then, right before heading out the door. So mine are more O-Dark Thirty Oats than overnight oats.” –Tanya Norine S.

“My 6-year-old LOVES making my oats for me. She measures the oat milk, pours in my oats, gives ‘em a shake and pops them in the fridge. It’s such a little act, but she really feels like she’s doing something to make my day easier. It’s the sweetest thing.” –Nikki B.

“My pup is now conditioned to go outside whenever I grab my OO out of the fridge. It’s our routine in the mornings. She knows it’s her last 10-15 minutes outside before I have to go to work.” –Laura H. (and Neko the pup)

You’re The Reason We’re In Business

We believe that the best businesses stay close to their customers. That’s why we designed our company to take your voice into account from product ideation all the way to delivery. Bring all your tips, habits, and quirks to our table, and enjoy the flexibility and variety we’ve built into the Oats Overnight experience. Try us today and see what we mean. And don’t forget to join our positive and supportive VIP community [link] on Facebook, too!

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