Our Customers Share What Makes Their Oats Overnight Routine Unique

Our Customers Share What Makes Their Oats Overnight Routine Unique
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We all have those little things that make us us. Maybe you only read science fiction. Or always dress in black. Or quote Pulp Fiction on a daily basis. Or like to wear your hair in Princess Leia buns (okay, this last one is really hard to pull off!). Whatever your quirk, we embrace the real you in our Oats Overnight family.

Along the way we’ve learned about a few..eh hem…special quirks our customers engage in around their Oats Overnight routine. Here are some we loved and wanted to share for purely informational purposes and to let you know that if you do this too, you’re not alone: 

The Sneaky Sipper

“I just might sneak down in the middle of the night to taste my husband’s new flavor if I haven’t had it yet. If he notices, I tell him I used less oat milk to try and make it more like a milkshake!” –Madelyn W.

Midnight Snackinator

“I make my Oats the night before. Then I have a ‘midnight snack.’ Then I have to make another one for the morning.” –Jeni R.

Missus Shakes A Lot

“This is probably a little bit nuts, but I make sure to shake it exactly 120 times before putting it in the fridge overnight.” –Meghann K. 

The Excavator 

I eat mine with a spoon and use a rubber scraper to get all the extra bits. Breakfast can be quite an expedition some days, especially when bits of chocolate are involved!” –Laura Ann D.

Data Analyst

“Every time I try a flavor I write it on the list. I started with yes or no. When I tried Dark Chocolate Cherry I had to give it 3 yeses because one was not enough. Now I have three flavors of milk and add my milks next to each flavor. A spreadsheet is in my future.” –Peggy B.

Do Oats Overnight Your Way

When we personalize healthy behaviors, they stick with us! So bring all of your quirks to the breakfast table and take advantage of the flexibility and variety we’ve built into the Oats Overnight experience. Try us today and see what we mean. And don’t forget to join our positive and supportive VIP community on Facebook, too!

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