Karla’s Kitchen: Making Banana Bread Even Better (Is It Even Possible?)

Karla’s Kitchen: Making Banana Bread Even Better (Is It Even Possible?)
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Banana Bread is one of those foods with very few haters. It’s a satisfying on-the-go breakfast. It’s a delicious post-workout fuel. And it’s a treat we often associate with a family member’s top-notch baking skills.

So Karla and the product development team had a lot to live up to when they released Banana Bread as November’s Subscriber Exclusive flavor and solicited subscriber feedback. 

“The in-development version was wildly popular, thank goodness,” Karla noted with a sigh of relief. “It earned one of the highest scores so far on our feedback survey. But there was room for improvement,” she said, “There’s always room.”  

“I was so pleased that the consistency for this vegan flavor was one of our smoothest so far. The banana texture helped remove the grittiness that sometimes comes with plant-based protein,” she shared. “And most people loved the level of sweetness, though some wanted more banana, too. That can be a challenge–more bananas with the same level of sweetness–but we eventually got it,” she said. “Finally, we took a look at the comments on the “bread” notes, and most everyone felt that they were on-point. That’s thanks to those oats,” she says and smiles.

After all this great subscriber feedback, we think the final flavor rivals anything Grandma whipped up (no offense, Grandma). If you’re a fan of this “fresh shaked” bread sweetened with diced bananas, Vermont maple, and a touch of molasses, Banana Bread launches Tuesday, February 22nd. Stay tuned so you can snag some as soon as it’s live.

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Check out this video of some team members blind-taste-testing Banana Bread! 


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