Birthday Cake, Revamped: How We Made This Flavor Better.

Birthday Cake, Revamped: How We Made This Flavor Better.
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Every now and then our flavor development team comes up with ideas to make our flavors even better. Most of our top sellers have gone through this process a number of times to get them just right. Recently, they thought of something that would take Birthday Cake to another level. 

When we asked them to describe the change, they felt the vanilla flavors came on a little too strong and overpowered the cakey notes they had in mind when it was originally developed.

So when they reworked it, they wanted to bring out more of a yellow cake flavor. And after some tweaking, they found the balance of caramel, custard, and vanilla notes to get it just right. The result blew us away with a more full-bodied flavor that honestly just tastes like a slice of cake. 

We’re pretty excited about the revamped Birthday Cake. Whether or not you’ve had it in the past, you should definitely think about getting some in your next box of Oats Overnight. 


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