Our Director of Ecommerce on His “One More Thing” Goal: Daily Cardio

Our Director of Ecommerce on His “One More Thing” Goal: Daily Cardio
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This past December a group of Oats Overnight employees banded together to take on some goals they’d failed to achieve on their own. Thomas Keller, director of ecommerce, resisted at first. He was too busy improving the customer experience with a new flavor bundler and subscriber portal, among his other tasks. Plus, he wanted to see his family from time to time. 

But the group’s enthusiasm triggered his FOMO, so he joined to tackle his “One More Thing.” He sat down with Katherine, head of content, to share about the experience.

Katherine: Tell us a few things about yourself, Thomas.

Thomas: Let’s see: I’ve lived in Arizona for 35 years. I went to school at Stanford and during that time became a professional poker player. I played for years until I came to work here at Oats Overnight.

Katherine: You were pretty much the best player in the world at your type of poker, right? They called you Thomas “Thunder” Keller.

Thomas (shyly): Uh, yes. Anyway, I’ve been on a self-development journey for the past couple of years [link to his gratitude blog]. So despite my initial excuses about joining the “One More Thing” group, I eventually decided I had to be a part of it. Everyone else was busy yet they were pumped about the chance to tackle this together. Their enthusiasm was contagious.

Katherine: What was your goal?

Thomas: I just wanted to move more. I’ve been very busy working during the pandemic, but I got pretty sedentary and just didn’t feel good. I know this is strange, but I decided that if I told the group that I wanted to do at least 30 minutes of cardio every day I would do it because I’d feel like not doing it would let them down. 

Katherine: That makes total sense. Andrew talked about that same accountability factor with his goal [link to Andrew’s blog]. Somehow it’s harder to let acquaintances down than the people closest to you who love you unconditionally.

Thomas: Yeah, and it’s worked pretty well. To be honest, it’s not like I want to go every day. But I’ve never gone to the gym and regretted going. And I don’t always have a huge burst of energy afterward, but after a month of daily cardio I feel 5-10% better. And it’s beginning to feel weird to think of not going. That’s progress! 

Katherine: To think you might have opted out because of busyness!

Thomas: Well, yeah. If I’m not too busy to run through the drive-thru and wait for 20 minutes to get my food, am I really too busy for a quick workout? Also, I’ve started planning my treadmill sessions around sports broadcasts I want to watch. Rather than watch football sitting on my ass, I do it while walking! 

Katherine: Genius. And how will you keep from plateauing and slicing back into being sedentary? 

Thomas: Gotta keep upping the ante. I’m going to raise the minimum time I’m doing cardio by five minutes pretty soon and keep at that. Maybe start some weight training.

Katherine: Nice, and a fitting approach for Thunder.

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