Do Your New Year’s Goals Place a Burden on Others?

Do Your New Year’s Goals Place a Burden on Others?
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It’s January. You’ve got your 2022 goal, your plan to achieve it, and the right accountability partner to keep you on track [link to andrew blog]. So what’s with the internal resistance you feel each time you get ready to take the next positive step? 

It’s one thing to consciously want to grow. It’s something else to get your internal world on board with the program. In recent blogs we’ve talked about some of those internal barriers, including feeling flawed at your core and worrying that you’re abandoning your roots

When Self-Care = Guilt 

In addition to these concerns, you may assume that success will be too burdensome, and more importantly, that to achieve it you’ll be an even bigger burden on those around you. If the record just skipped for you, if you’re reading this and feeling like we read your thoughts, let’s explore this mistaken belief a little further.  

Do you often think that to fulfill your needs someone else will be neglected or shortchanged? For example, when you want to go to the gym do you worry that your partner will resent you because they will have to watch the kids while you’re out? Do you feel guilty when you purchase necessary self-care items because you think the expense hurts your family budget? If these examples feel like we’re inside your head, then this belief may be holding you back from reaching your 2022 goals. 

Rewrite the Script

Oftentimes, these deep-seated beliefs originate in our childhood. And while we can’t change the past, acknowledging our inherent self-worth is a step at rewriting those old, toxic scripts. Perhaps you were made to feel like a real drag on your caretakers or your siblings or [you fill in the blank,] but now you are an adult and you don’t have to remain stuck in those patterns. 

Develop a simple mantra that you can use each time those guilty thoughts arise. Something like, “I deserve the time it takes to move my body,” or “Investing in myself this way will make me better able to share my gifts with others.” Let your accountability partner know you’re deploying this as you form habits that support your goals. Over time, those old self-denigrating beliefs will be replaced.

Fueling Your Growth

At Oats Overnight, we believe that small, healthy choices add up over time. Something as simple as switching up your breakfast routine can lead to healthier habits and positive changes to your lifestyle. You have goals for the new year. Starting your day with our nutrient-dense flavors is a great place to start. 

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