5 Easy & Quick Breakfast Ideas

5 Easy & Quick Breakfast Ideas

A healthy breakfast is essential to starting your morning off right. There are easy breakfast ideas that can fill you up and don’t interfere with your on-the-go schedule. Whether you’re at risk of heart disease, other types of health problems,  or just looking to take care of yourself in general, eating a healthy breakfast can help you have the energy you need for your daily tasks


Smoothies are a great way to start off your day with a healthy meal. You just need to grab your desired fruit and other ingredients before placing them in the blender. Frozen, whether pre-frozen or placed there by you, can be an alternative to needing to add your own ice to the mix. After adding your fruit, add your choice of milk or milk substitute. Blend it together and there’s your breakfast that you can take with you or even enjoy at home. You can even add in your own choice of extra ingredients like protein powder or even oats if you’re feeling like adding an extra crunch to your smoothie. For even more convenience, you can prep your ingredients in mason jars, and just grab one in the morning.

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos can also be customizable but especially if you’re looking for a way to pack protein into your first meal of the day. You can make your burrito as complicated or simple as you want. Choose meat, or meats, of your choice to get started. Then you can add in potatoes or pre-packaged hash browns. You can even add eggs or onions or anything else you would like that adds to the flavors you’re creating. There are sauces, some prefer hot sauce and others would rather use a less spicy option, that can add to the flavor. Breakfast burritos probably take the most time to prepare on this list, but they’re still easy and a staple breakfast food.


There are many ways to cook eggs. sunny-side up, deviled, boiled, scrambled eggs, poached, are only a few of the different options available. Eggs are rich in protein and have been linked to benefiting different parts of your health. So if you’re looking for an easy breakfast, this should be high on your list. You can even meal prep by boiling several eggs beforehand to take with you for the next couple of days if you’re looking for an on-the-go option. 


Yogurt is a simple but delicious option for your breakfast. The nice thing about yogurt is that you can add granola, nuts, oats, fruit, or anything you like. Yogurt also has probiotics that can aid in your digestion. As far as easy goes, it can’t get much easier than opening an already packaged container and adding things optionally.


Oatmeal is a classic breakfast option. Just like nearly all the other ideas mentioned before, oatmeal is customizable. Add in what you want to make it your own or eat it as it comes. Oats Overnight’s selection of oatmeal can make this even simpler. Select your favorite flavor, add milk or a milk substitute, and let sit in your fridge overnight. By the morning you have a healthy breakfast ready for you to eat. Check out Oats Overnight’s selection to see what flavors are right for you. 

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