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Does Oatmeal Lower Cholesterol?

Does Oatmeal Lower Cholesterol?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: oatmeal is amazing! Sure we may be a little biased since we make it for a living, but plenty of people agree with us. Even doctors! Yep, oatmeal not only tastes great, but it’s also really good for you too. What’s not to love?

So oatmeal does a lot, but does oatmeal lower cholesterol too? Read on to find out!

What is Cholesterol Anyway?

The simple definition? Cholesterol is a kind of fat found in your blood. Pretty gross, right? Well, maybe. But it’s not all bad. See, you need cholesterol. It’s found in every cell in your body. It helps your organs function. The important thing is, you don’t get too much of it. If you do, you can start to clog your blood vessels, which can eventually lead to all kinds of problems.

There’s actually two types of cholesterol. HDL and LDL. LDL, or low-density lipoproteins, is the bad stuff. HDL, or high-density lipoproteins, is the good stuff. LDL carries cholesterol from the liver to the blood, while HDL carries it from the blood to the liver, where the liver breaks it down.

In short, if you want to skip the nutrition lesson, you want to lower your LDL levels. So what food is good for that? We’re glad you asked...

Does Oatmeal Lower Cholesterol?

So does oatmeal lower cholesterol? Yep, it sure does! In fact, the FDA even supports this claim. Having a healthy diet with lots of fruits, veggies, and whole grains(which oatmeal is) can really help to lower your LDL level. Oatmeal, in particular, has been proven to have a significant effect on lowering LDL. That being said, this isn’t the case if you’re loading your oatmeal with all kinds of unhealthy foods like butter and sugar. Make sure to keep your oatmeal simple, or make it easier and order some Oats Overnight!

Grab Some Oats Overnight!

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