A Few Subtle Tweaks Made Blueberry Cobbler Even Better

A Few Subtle Tweaks Made Blueberry Cobbler Even Better
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Is our team completely obsessed with oatmeal? Yes. Well, kind of. It’s more that we’re obsessed with giving our customers the healthiest, most delicious breakfast possible. That’s the attitude we bring to work every day and it’s the motivation behind everything we do. Sometimes, it pushes us to revisit some of our most popular flavors like Blueberry Cobbler just to see if we can make it a little better than it was before.   

Now let’s be clear, Blueberry Cobbler has been around for a long time and a lot of people love it. We didn’t need to make any radical changes and we didn’t want to alter the experience for those who enjoy this flavor regularly. 
That said, our product development team took to the lab and found a few subtle ways to elevate this flavor. Here’s a summary of the tweaks they made: 

  • They added more blueberries and more bready cobbler notes to give the recipe a more authentic flavor profile. 

  • They adjusted the date powder to match the sweetness you’d expect from a real cobbler.

  • Some people found the formula would get too thick after sitting overnight, so the team made a few tweaks to reduce the thickness, grittiness, and improve the texture overall. 

How would we describe this flavor now? The differences are subtle, but the updated Blueberry Cobbler honestly tastes even more like…blueberry cobbler. And the texture is definitely improved over the original recipe. 

This updated formula is available now, and we’re excited to hear how you like it. Whether you’ve had it before or you’re totally new to this flavor, you should definitely add some to your next box of Oats Overnight.  


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