Is Oatmeal Good for Weight Loss?

Is Oatmeal Good for Weight Loss?

The journey to weight loss is never an easy one. There are a ton of different fad diets, foods to avoid and people claiming this or that is the trick to a successful diet. But one thing is for sure, weight loss is possible! You’ve just got to cut through all the noise, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.


An easy way to start losing weight is by adding oatmeal to your diet. Whether you start eating it for breakfast, or even eat it for both breakfast and lunch, and then follow that up with a healthy dinner, oats can kick-start your weight loss journey. There are a few important reasons why oatmeal can be an important part of a healthy diet. 

1. Oats provide important nutrients

The next first thing you might be thinking is, what about the carbs? It’s true, oatmeal has a decent amount of carbs. Although popular diets villainize carbs, there are actually certain types that are great for your health. The carbs in oatmeal are whole-grain carbs, which are good for you., because we need complex carbs for energy! It’s much easier to get the exercise you need in order to lose weight when your body feels good and has energy. Oats are such a great source of complex carbs and will help fuel your day. 


Overindulge in simple carbs, like refined bread, sugar, or pasta is when carbs are unhealthy. When you choose oatmeal for weight loss, you’ll get plenty of complex carbs. However, make sure you don’t over sweeten your oatmeal with refined sugars because it could defeat the purpose of eating healthy. Try lightly sweetening your oatmeal with honey, maple syrup, and even fresh fruits.  


Complex carbs aren’t the only nutrients that oats provide. In fact, oatmeal is a great source of many vitamins and minerals. Some of these vitamins and minerals include vitamins B1 and B5, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium. Oats are also a great source of a couple of important antioxidants. One antioxidant group that’s predominantly found in oats are called avenanthramides. Studies show that avenanthramides have anti-itching and anti-inflammatory effects. As you make oatmeal a regular part of your diet, your body may start to feel healthier, helping you stay dedicated to weight loss.

2. Oatmeal Can Reduce Appetite:

Not only does oatmeal contain many important nutrients that will help you feel better about sticking to your new diet, but because oatmeal contains so many complex carbs, it’s a great source of dietary fiber. Fiber is an extremely important nutrient for weight loss because it takes longer to digest. This means that eating fiber helps you feel fuller longer, and reduces that overwhelming desire to snack.


Another benefit of fiber oatmeal? Oats actually contain a specific type of fiber called Beta-Glucan that’s essentially a superhero when it comes to reducing appetite. Beta-Glucan is a soluble fiber that turns into a paste in your digestive tract. This means it stays in your digestive system for a longer period of time than other foods. Not only does this keep you full longer, as all fiber does, but Beta-Glucan may also help control blood sugar levels, especially for those with diabetes. This in turn can help control cravings, meaning you may find it easier to eat less. One last benefit of Beta-Glucan? One study has shown that it may lead to increased production of PYY, a satiety hormone your body produces. In short, oatmeal can help you feel fuller longer so you aren’t tempted to eat unhealthy snacks or overindulge once hunger does set in. 

3. Oatmeal can be eaten in so many different ways:


One reason so many people struggle with weight loss is that they shift to eating foods that are bland and unsatisfying. Because of its versatility, oatmeal is neither of these things! While you shouldn’t add a ton of sugar, there are plenty of other ways to change up the recipe and make your oatmeal delicious. 


Try adding a small handful of nuts, like slivered almonds or chopped pecans. This will add protein and a crunch to your meal. Adding a spoonful of your favorite nut butter is another great way to up the protein content of your breakfast while changing up the flavor.


If you like your oatmeal sweet, skip the brown sugar and add a helping of your favorite fruit. You could even add applesauce or mashed banana if you really want to incorporate the sweetness into your oatmeal.


Now that you know that oatmeal is good for weight loss, you need to make sure you’re eating the right type of healthy oatmeal to maximize its benefits. 


What About Instant Oatmeal?

Let’s get this one out of the way first. When it comes to losing weight, instant oatmeal is definitely not your best choice. The problem with instant oatmeal for weight loss is that it’s highly processed and has added sugars and sodium, which is certainly not what you need when trying to lose weight. Plus, you lose some of the good nutritional value when oats are processed to make instant oatmeal.


Go with Steel-Cut or Rolled Oats

Steel-Cut and rolled oats, on the other hand, can definitely help you lose weight! How? Well, as mentioned above, oatmeal is very low in fat and high in soluble fiber, which is great for fighting belly fat. Because these two types of oats are the least processed, they contain more fiber and other nutrients. They also have more texture, meaning you may feel the need to add less sugar or other additives.

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