Oatmeal for Breast Milk: Do Oats Increase Breast Milk?

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Every single mom knows that breastfeeding is a superpower. Think about it. Every time your baby cries, you get this 6th sense shooting through your beloved bosoms that someone might need feeding. And of course, when your little one needs some food, you want to make sure those mammary glands are in full swing. So many mommys wonder, what are some ways to increase that precious milk supply?

Believe it or not, eating a bowl of oats is not only healthy and not fattening, but it can also help increase milk production. Continue reading below to find discover how oats can benefit you during your mommy superhero duties.

What are the Benefits?

We probably don’t have to tell you how delicious oats are. But, hey, oats aren’t just delicious. They’re much more than that! They are also very nutritious. Oats contain important proteins, vitamins, and minerals that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and defeat exhaustion--all things us moms naturally experience. Other than nutrition, oats can benefit you in other ways. Benefits include:

  • Saponins: Oats contain saponins which is a substance that may have a positive effect on the hormones related to breast milk production.
  • Plant Estrogens: Oats also contain plant estrogens. Say what? Plants have estrogen? Yes. Absolutely. Plant estrogens can contribute to the stimulation of the milk glands and a greater production of breast milk.
  • Beta-glucan: Beta-glucan can also be found in oats! Don’t know what the heck that is? Don’t worry. We got your back. Beta-glucan is a type of fiber that's said to raise the levels of the breastfeeding hormone prolactin. Higher prolactin levels can lead to a positive effect on breast milk production

Are there any Side Effects?

Oats have no known side effects. They are considered completely safe and healthy for your body and your diet.

How to Add Oats into Your Diet

There are so many different ways to make oats from oat muffins to oat bread to oat cookies. But, one of the simplest, easiest, and most delicious ways--especially for mommys on the go--is making Oats Overnight. Available in a variety of flavors such as Strawberries and Cream, Chocolate Peanut butter Banana, Mocha Dream, and much more, you’ll love having these oats as a part of your everyday routine. Convenient and simple to make, Oats Overnight will make increasing your breast milk supply easy. Plus, these oats are packed with protein, gluten-free, and made with quality ingredients.  

Don’t Forget to Speak with Your Physician

Although oats can help you increase your milk production, if you are having trouble producing milk, you’ll want to make sure to speak with your physician to see if there are any underlying issues or any additional steps you need to take to make sure your milk production is healthy for both you and your baby.

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